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Represent.Us Action Hub

Join the Anti-Corruption Movement in Vermillion

Feb 12 Feb 12, 2017 3:00pm EST - 5:00pm EST
Vermillion Public Library, 18 Church Street Vermillion

Politicians in South Dakota just repealed IM-22 - the Anti-Corruption Act. But the fight isn't over. We have a plan to hold these politicians accountable and fight to get every provision of the Anti-Corruption Act put back in place.

RSVP here for a meeting in Vermillion to find out what's next and how you can help.

Sunday, Feb 12th at 3pm CT.

At the meeting we'll cover: 

  • The grassroots effort to pass the Anti-Corruption Act
  • Our fight in South Dakota to stop politicians from repealing the Act
  • What South Dakotans can do next to fight for strong anti-corruption laws
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