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Call Now: Just days left to fight for transparency in Arizona

Politicians are trying to stop Arizona voters from keeping dark money out of elections, and it's up to us to stop them.

The Arizona House just passed HB 2153, barring cities and counties from passing their own laws to limit dark money in local elections. As the bill goes to the Senate, we only have one chance to stop it. Call your state senator today and demand that they reject HB 2153 and allow Arizona cities to limit dark money.

State government shouldn’t be in the business of forcing cities to allow dark money in our elections. Call your state senator to tell them to reject HB 2153 and to respect your vote. 

Below is information about how to contact your state senator, a sample script to use, and information about how you can stay involved. Will you help us protect democracy in Arizona?

How to call your state senator:

Call the Senate office at 1 (603) 926-3559. If you know who your state senator is, you can find their direct number here.

What to say to your state senator:

Senator __________, my name is [[name]] and I’m registered to vote at [[address]]. I am calling to urge you to vote no on HB 2153. This is a bad bill that would force cities to accept dark money in their local elections, even if they vote for transparency. HB 2153 is a direct attack on the will of the people, so I’m calling on you to oppose it. Thank you.

To stay involved in Arizona:

Share this page on social media and ask your friends and family to call as well, and join a local Represent.Us chapter near you.

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