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Represent South Dakota

Politicians said they would respect the will of the people. They told us they'd replace IM-22, the South Dakota Anti-Corruption Act that we passed. They even told us to hold them accountable if they failed.

Well, they failed. Now it's our turn.

We're going to amend South Dakota's constitution with a Voter Protection and Anti-Corruption Amendment in 2018.

Now is the time to hold events, make calls, and organize for the 2018 campaign to pass the Amendment. We need supporters like you to take action and hold South Dakotan politicians accountable. Join a chapter now to contribute to this historic fight against corruption.

You can join the fight in any of these locations:

Pierre, South Dakota

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Vermillion, South Dakota

Rapid City, South Dakota

When you sign-up to join any of these chapters, you'll be contacted with more information about how you can lend your voice to supporters in your community.

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