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We Need You in Pierre Tomorrow at 9:45am CT

Jan 25 Jan 25, 2017 9:45am CST - 11:45am CST
Contact: Doug Kronaizl

The SD Senate State Affairs Committee is meeting Tomorrow Wed Jan 25th at 9:45am CT to rush through a bill that would repeal the voter approved Anti-Corruption. 

We can't let establishment politicians ignore the will of the people - and that means we have to get their attention and show overwhelming support for the Anti-Corruption Act.

People from across the state are coming out to the meeting to speak in favor of the Anti-Corruption Act and to pressure lawmakers into listening to the voters.

Even if public speaking is not your thing, your presence alone will go a long way in showing the widespread support needed to halt a repeal of the Act. 

Can we count on you to join us tomorrow?

What type of endorsement would you like to add?