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Represent.Us Action Hub

RepresentUs Tools & Trainings

When you join RepresentUs, you get access to a number of exclusive campaign tools and trainings.

The Basics:

1. Find your local/state chapter

2. Find a local or national event you would like to attend

3. Connect with us on Discord 

For any questions on our tools and trainings, chat with us on Discord! If you haven't already, sign up HERE to join our online community where you can connect with chapter members and leaders as well as our staff at HQ! 

Please also take the time to read through the RepresentUs Welcome Letter Anti-Discrimination Policy

Hosting an event? TELL US!

If you would like, RepresentUs staff can;

1. Create an official RepresentUs RSVP page

2. Add it to our national Events Calendar

3. Help recruit our members to your event through texting blasts & phonebanking

 Fill out this form to tell us about your next event!

Chapter Building Tools:

Volunteer Resource Center Google Drive

Check out the RepresentUs Resource Center google drive, which includes resources like the RepresentUs Creative Toolkit , Unbreaking America Event and Media kit Organizing 101 Training Webinar Call Recordings, and more!


Discord is the platform that hosts our RepresentUs Town Square. There you can stay connected with HQ staff and volunteers from all across the country as well as plan events in your own community! Sign up and learn more at our Discord resource page!

RepresentUs Collateral Index & Order Form

Check out our printable versions of our paper resources, and order some RepresentUs swag for your next event! The Collateral Index will list the materials in each mailing kit as well as provide printable links so you never have to worry about running out! To request materials, fill out this short google form and we'll ship them as soon as possible!

Local Chapter Flyer

Here is our general RepresentUs chapter flyer. To create a custom chapter flyer, first download the flyer as a PDF, then enter in contact information, print it out, write in details for “get involved” and optional tear-off tabs at bottom, and don't forget to make photo copies!

RepresentUs Brand Book

For everything you need to know about how to talk about the anti-corruption movement and RepresentUs - check out the RepresentUs Brand Book. Inside you'll find our voice, messaging, and visual style. Turn to this book when you are introducing someone to the brand, need some guidance...or when you just need a little inspiration.

Build Your Organizing Skills

Check out our comprehensive list of Organizing 101 Skills Building Webinar Recordings, One-Pagers, Scripts & Training Guides. 

Chapter Building

RepresentUs Volunteer Introduction: Webinar Training 

Organizing your team effectively: One-pager & Webinar Training

Hosting a Great Event: One-pager & Webinar Training

How to Make a Strong Ask: Webinar Training

Stewardship and Gratitude 101: Webinar Training

Facilitating a Chapter Meeting: One-pager

Holding One-On-One Meetings: One-pager

Volunteer Photo GuideOne-pager

New volunteer outreach: Email Template

Chapter meeting invitation: Email Template

Invitation to petition at a local event: Email Template

Campaign Skills

Petitioning 101: One-pager & Webinar Training

Coalition Building: One-pager & Webinar Training & Tips 

Resolution Strategy Chart: One-pager & Webinar Training

Citizen Lobbying 101: Training Guide & Webinar Training 

Guerrilla Canvassing: Webinar Training 

How to Pass a Local ResolutionOne-pager

Tips from Represent New Jersey: Passing your first Resolution 

Press Tools

Full Media Resources Folder

How to Write a Letter to the Editor: Training Guide & Webinar Training 

How to Pitch & Write an Op-Ed: Pitch Guide & Writing Guide

RepresentUs Spokesperson Training: Training Guide & Webinar Training

Social Media Best Practices: Webinar Training

Suggested Documentaries: Guide

Radio Advertisement: Script


Campaign Outreach Tools

ListFixer Phonebanking

Check out our phonebanking resources for our online dialer system. Phonebanking is a great tool to use for either voter education or volunteer recruitment. Let us know when you have a need to call folks in your area and we can set you up!

(PS - join the Calling out Corruption Phonebanking program to help make calls and lead phonebanks!)

ThruText Texting App

Texting has become an increasingly effective way to reach potential volunteers and supporters. Let us know when you have a need to text folks in your area and we can set you up with a ThruText Account! Check out our ThruText training tutorial video, too!

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