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Becoming an official chapter: Meet, Greet & Petition Day

Congratulations! You had your chapter launch call with HQ and you're ready to start putting your chapter’s plan into action. There are two final steps to take before getting your chapter up on the website and funneling volunteers to you.

The first step is a Meet, Greet and Petition Day

After you have held your chapter launch call, your next step is to spread awareness about corruption in your community with a public meet, greet, & petition day.

Petitioning is a fun and easy way to reach out to your community and spread awareness of the anti-corruption movement. You'll be collecting signatures in public places to gather local support for the American Anti-Corruption Act. .

The main purposes of a meet, greet & petition day are to:

  1. Gather with your team to start spreading awareness about corruption in your community
  2. Gain some experience talking to folks about the complex issues we face and our comprehensive solution and strategy to fix corruption.
  3. Begin planning for your Resolution Kick-Off Meeting, and recruiting volunteers to join you

Think of petitioning as one of the easiest and most personal ways to introduce your chapter's mission to your community. It helps you get practice explaining what the American Anti-Corruption Act is, and works as a great tool for recruiting new volunteers to learn about your chapter and get involved.

1) Order materials & choose a place

You can request a kit of free materials (including stickers, buttons, one-pagers, and more) to bring to your meet, greet and petition day by completing this form. Make sure to give us at least 1 week’s notice so the package can arrive on time.

Petition sheets and best practices and tips about how to organize and plan your Meet, Greet, & Petition Day can be found here..

Next, choose a location. Reach out to places or events that get a lot of foot traffic, and make sure that it’s legal for you to be there. Some great (and typically free) spots include:

  • Public areas (the Post Office, Library, public college campuses, downtown intersections, etc.)
  • Private places with permission (concert venues, grocery stores, local shopping centers, etc.)
  • Popular community events (farmers markets, protests, rallies, etc.)

Make sure to confirm with the venue one week in advance. If you need proof of nonprofit status or any assistance securing a space, reach out to our organizing team at [email protected] or 413-333-5629.

2) Come prepared

Here’s what you should bring along for your petition event:

  • Lots of American Anti-Corruption Act Petitions*
  • Represent.Us collateral to give away (stickers, buttons, postcards, etc.)*
  • RepresentUs yard signs*
  • AACA One-pagers*
  • Wear a Represent.Us sticker/pin/t-shirt*
  • Make your own banner if your team prefers
  • A handful of pens
  • A clipboard, folder, or something hard and portable as a writing surface
  • A camera - we love petitioning pictures!
  • Folding table and chairs (if not provided)
  • Water and snacks to keep you going
  • Sunscreen/sunglasses and comfortable footwear
  • Your team and other friends and family who want to help

*Starred items come in the chapter starter/petition kit. You can order these materials and more here.

3) Start petitioning

Arrive early to your space to set up your area. Lay out your collateral on your table or gather your team and make a game plan for how to start engaging folks. Grab your clipboard and pen, and start conversations with people who are walking by.

Remember that first impressions are everything. When people are walking by your petitioning space, here are some of our example hooks you can use to get passerbys to stop and hear the rest of what you and your team have to say:

  • “Hi, want to get big money out of politics?”
  • “Hi, can I tell you about our campaign to stop money from corrupting our elections and politics?”
  • “Hi, do you agree that big money is corrupting American/City/State/Local politics?”
  • “Hi, want to help stop government corruption?”
  • “Hi, want to protect [CITY] from corruption?”

Once you've hooked them, give them a pitch. Here's an example of what you can say:

RepresentUs is a national campaign that brings conservatives and progressives together to fix America’s corrupt political system.

We’re going around Congress by passing Anti-Corruption Acts in cities and states. These laws protect our local communities from corruption and build momentum for national reform.

Will you add your name in support of the American Anti-Corruption Act?

Helpful petitioning tips

Be willing to answer questions. One of the goals of RepresentUs is to make government more accessible and transparent, but we can’t do that if we aren’t transparent ourselves. Show interest in the conversation that you’ve started and be enthusiastic.

Use RepresentUs branding and swag.  If your chapter has materials, be sure to have them available to give to passersby. Anything that you can add to your table to attract eyes and ears to stop and listen is a great addition.

Ask if they want to get involved. On our petition sheets, there is a box folks can check off called I want to volunteer with us. Let them know about your upcoming chapter kickoff meeting, or other upcoming chapter events, and ask if they are interested in joining the chapter. Signees are great potential chapter members!

Remember to be nonpartisan. It's important when you engage with people to keep a strict nonpartisan stance. This issue affects both sides of the aisle and it is easy to get caught up in blaming one side or the other. If we are going to make meaningful reforms, we need to overwhelm the people in power with support from across the political spectrum. Whether you are a member of the Tea Party or a Socialist, we welcome you.

4) Remember to Follow up

Follow up with potential volunteers. Make sure to keep a copy for yourself and follow up with those who wanted to get involved within 48 hours. Call/text or email them to invite them to your next petitioning event or your chapter kickoff meeting.

Send your completed sign-in sheets to HQ. Email copies to [email protected], fax to (413) 585-8110 or mail hard copies to the address on the bottom of the petition sheet. You can also take photos with your cell phone and email them to us.

If you took any photos of your event, share them with us! Send your photos to [email protected] or post online and tag RepresentUs.

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