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Represent San Francisco Meeting

Dec 06 Dec 06, 2017 7:00pm EST - 8:00pm EST

Represent San Francisco is building the momentum of grassroots support in CA, to pass binding reform. Our chapter has been working to get the Anti-Corruption and Accountability Ordinance (Revised Prop J) passed and we need your help.

The bill will soon head to a vote, but it could be watered down before then by special interests who benefit from our broken political system. We need to ensure the bill stays intact and moves forward.

Join Represent San Francisco on Wednesday, December 6th at 7pm PST for our next meeting. At the meeting you’ll:

  • Learn about the Anti-corruption Ordinance (Revised Prop J) and what you can do to help protect it;

  • Hear about our grassroots strategy to win in CA

  • Find out about our goals for 2018

Represent San Francisco is a unified and diverse grassroots chapter working to enact common sense reforms to eliminate the corrosive influence of big money and legalized corruption in San Francisco politics. Join us!


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