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Represent.Us Action Hub

Represent Chicago May Meeting

Join Represent Chicago on Saturday, May 12th at 11 am to learn what you can do to build the anti-corruption movement this summer, hear about the current plans for Represent Chicago, and participate in setting our strategy for getting anti-corruption legislation passed in Chicago, Cook County, and Illinois.

During our meeting we will discuss the following: 

  • Volunteer opportunities with Represent Chicago 
  • Member vote on the chapter's priorities Small Donor Matching & Ranked Choice Voting
  • What we need to do to build momentum around our priorities (education, petitioning, coalition building)
  • Committee Updates, Plans, and Opportunities
  • Potential Partnerships

Last month was Representation Day. We focused on building our coalition of anti-corruption organizations and partners. 

We need your help this summer; sign up here and join our team working to fix our broken political system! 

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