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Kansas Demands Transparency in Government

Now is the time for real change in Kansas.

To my legislators,

I’m writing to urge you to take a stand for transparency and ethics in politics in Kansas.

Volunteers from across the political spectrum in Kansas are coming together to launch a campaign that would place a 5-year ban on state elected officials becoming lobbyists after they’ve completed their service.

The current “revolving door” practices threaten the integrity of our officials and undermines public trust that our legislators work for us everyday Kansans and not whoever’s lining their pockets.

Now is the time for sincere and meaningful action. You have the power to give your constituents a voice and return power to their hands. Do the right thing and listen to the countless voices across Kansas demanding tangible efforts be made to take money out of politics.

Please support our efforts to keep elected officials from becoming lobbyists after their tenure in office.


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