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Represent.Us Action Hub

Kansas City Grassroots Anti-Corruption Forum

President Trump vowed to use his first 100 days in office to "Drain the Swamp." But Congress continues to be plagued by conflicts of interest, and anti-corruption rules have even been rolled back.

But it's not just a problem in Congress. Missouri has a D- grade for government integrity. We need to do better - and we can.

Come to the Kansas City Grassroots Anti-Corruption Forum to meet anti-corruption experts and Kansas City community members who are ready to make a difference.

At the forum you'll:

  • Learn from leaders in the anti-corruption movement how corruption affects you.

  • Find out about ongoing efforts in Missouri to fight corruption.

  • Walk away with a clear understanding of how you can help fix the problem in Missouri.

Refreshments will be provided.

Special guest speakers include:

  • John Pudner, Executive Director of Take Back Our Republic

  • Dan Krassner, Political Director at Represent.Us.

  • Sean Soendker Nicholson, Campaign Director for Clean Missouri

  • Benjamin Singer, native Missourian and Political Director at Patriotic Millionaires

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