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Are you an educator? If so, will you endorse the Represent.Us campaign to pass Anti-Corruption Laws in cities and states nationwide?

"No matter how you feel about the issue of standardized testing in schools, the corruption in our political process—by lobbyists from companies like Pearson and McGraw-Hill, and industries looking to profit from this system—has drowned out the voices of educators everywhere."
–Tierra Jolly, high school teacher and Board of Education member in Washington, DC

Endorsements give our movement the power to pass Anti-Corruption Acts from coast to coast. To get started, please complete the form to the right.

The economic sequester cut nearly $3 billion in education funding1, placing the jobs of more than 9,000 primary and secondary education teachers in jeopardy 2. In the same year Wall Street banks spent $470 million lobbying Congress and received $9 billion in tax exemptions in return.

Our government isn't really representing teachers, students or the American people. We can change this. It all starts with your support.

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