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Join RepresentUs' National Volunteer Network

Looking to volunteer with RepresentUs and make real change both in your community and across the country? The first step is to join Discord!

Discord is where all of our volunteer organizing takes place. Click here to create an account now!

Wondering why you should join? On Discord you can...

  • Become a part of a national movement that's already winning
  • Stay informed about anti-corruption events and news in your neighborhood
  • Connect with community leaders and volunteers
  • Join online trainings about movement building, event planning, and much more
  • Find out about urgent campaigns you can plug into through our phone banking program, Calling Out Corruption
  • Connect with RepresentUs staff at HQ

There's a whole community of RepresentUs volunteers online, just waiting for you to join! 

How to Navigate Discord: Video Tutorial

What is Discord?

Think Skype or Facebook messenger, but for the new era. The RepresentUs Discord Server is a simple-to-use online community that allows you to converse with RepresentUs volunteers from all across the country - and even globally. 

Initially created for gamers, Discord has started to become adapted by all kinds of groups, including RepresentUs.

Discord allows RepresentUs volunteers across the globe communicate both nationally and locally. It's a great way to make a huge movement more manageable and help you find volunteers in YOUR community!

Watch this video to see a virtual introduction to the platform! 

Join a Movement Team:

We have two volunteer paths that you can choose from at RepresentUs: our Community Path and our Movement Path. Both begin on Discord, but while the Community Path uses Discord to plan in-person events, the Movement Path takes place entirely on Discord - focusing on national organizing rather than local organizing. 

If you are interested in working on a more national level (which you can do right from your computer), then be sure to reach out to our staff at HQ (who are denoted with "(HQ)" after their name in yellow text). Let them know which team you would like to be a part of and they will get you trained and on-boarded as quickly as possible! 

Calling Out Corruption:
Staff Leader: @Laura(HQ)
Calling out Corruption is truly the backbone of our movement volunteer path and a way you can make a difference through some good old-fashioned phonebanking. Our Calling Out Corruption Team meets every Thursday (usually) to call supporters in our various volunteer communities to recruit for community events, petitions, support for local legislation, you name it! 

These phonebanks are crucial in spreading the word and growing the anti-corruption movement. Find a list of all upcoming Calling Out Corruption events HERE

Discord Team:
Staff Leader: @Amanda(HQ)
Members of our Discord Team are really the bread and butter of our online community. They are in charge of monitoring our national and community channels, to make sure everyone's questions are being answered quickly, and they are our welcome crew! 

They make sure all new signups are comfortable with the platform and feel welcome and ready to take on corruption! The Discord Team is also in charge of FUN! If you enjoy socializing, keeping up with current events, and sharing funny memes, then this is the team for you! 

Data Team:
Staff Leader: @Amanda(HQ)
Our Data Team is in charge of all! They are in charge of keeping member information up-to-date, adding new signups to our database following any community events, consolidating information from our Calling Out Corruption phonebanks, and much more. They are a huge support system for our volunteer communities and movement volunteers. And, don't worry, they have just as much fun as the Discord Team! 

Creative Team:
Staff Leader: @Mei(HQ)
The creative team works together to create content and resources for our communities and chapters! This could be graphic design projects, creating videos, even animation or studio arts! We welcome anyone to join us who is interested or has experience in these realms. 

Texting Team
Staff Leader: @Xiaoxi(HQ)
Each time a chapter is hosting an event, or there is a call to action in one or more communities, we rely on our Texting Team to get the word out! This could be reminding folks who have RSVP'd that an event is coming up, or urging voters to contact their legislators in support of anti-corruption legislation!

Frequently Asked Questions.

Confused about how to use Discord?
We've got you covered. We've put together a simple video that explains what to do once you're on the RepresentUs server.

How do I find other volunteers in my community? 
There are a lot of ways to do this. First, let us know what city and/or state you are located in the "welcome" channel. That is where our WelcomeBot first said hello! Our staff at HQ will set your nick name so that it says your locations. 

Next, look for other volunteers with your state or community in their name and reach out to them! If you're in an area where we have many volunteers or a lot of anti-corruption events, a member of HQ will add you to that state's channel. That way you can be put immediately in touch with all the on-goings in your community. 

Lastly, connect with your community leader if there is an active volunteer community near you - they are going to be your point person for any in-person volunteering (as well as some online, movement organizing) that you participate in. Staff at HQ can help you locate those leaders. 

Wondering why some names in different colors? 
That's a good question. If you see names in red, those are our Community leaders! These leaders are in charge of local volunteer groups around the country. If you're local to one of them, feel free to reach out about how to get involved in your community.

Names that appear as gold or yellow are our staff members at HQ. They will also be labeled as "(HQ)" at the end of their name. 

Still have some questions?
Click HERE to be taken to our Discord FAQ document.


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