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RepresentUs Discord

There's a whole community of RepresentUs volunteers waiting online for you. The RepresentUs Discord Server is a online community powered by Discord, a simple-to-use communications platform that allows you to converse with people from all across the country. 

To join, follow this link to create an account - and then you'll be connected!

What is Discord? Think Skype or Facebook messenger for the new era. Initially created for gamers, Discord has started to become adapted by all kinds of groups, including RepUs. Here is Discord, explained.

What next? We've put together a simple video that explains what to do once you're on the RepresentUs server.

Frequently Asked Questions. Confused on certain aspects of Discord? We've got you covered.

Discord roles breakdown. Why are people's names in different colors?

Leaders are denoted in red, and are in charge of local chapters around the country. If you're local to one of them, feel free to reach out to them about ways to get involved in your community.

Discord Team leaders are assigned to help us greet and welcome users when HQ is not around or available. Got a question, they're here for you.

Calling Out Corruption roles are assigned to anyone who participates in our weekly phonebanking nights (usually every Thursday).


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