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Fight Big Money! Attend the Denver Forum to Tell the FEC We Want Our Elections Back

Fight Big Money! Attend the Denver Forum to Tell the FEC We Want Our Elections Back

October 09, 2014 at 7pm
Lawrence Street Center Terrace Room, 2nd floor
1380 Lawrence St
Denver, CO
United States
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Steve Hoeschele · · (413) 585-8100 extension 24


On October 9, Denver will have the chance to send a top US elections official back to D.C. with a mandate: We are sick and tired of Washington insiders making political decisions without listening to us, the people they are supposed to represent.

FEC Vice Chair Ann Ravel is coming to the University of Colorado Denver for a public forum on the future of elections and democracy. Every attendee will have the chance to make a public comment directly to Vice Chair Ravel.


It’s incredibly rare for a such a high-ranking federal official to make herself available to the public. This is a huge opportunity to put direct pressure on the FEC to fix our broken political system. 

The Federal Election Commission, or FEC, is the agency in charge of enforcing federal rules on money in politics. Commissioner Ravel has said she wants to crack down on corruption — and she should have the power to do it — but the commission is completely gridlocked. They’ve failed to investigate everything from major alleged violations by conservative “dark money” groups to a Democratic super PAC suspected of illegal activity.

Getting our elections back on track begins with a massive public outcry. All forums are free and open to the public, and your presence will make a powerful statement even if you choose not to speak.


Want to speak up but don’t know where to begin? Click here for a simple guide to get you started.


"The Future of Elections and Democracy" is a public event hosted by the University of Colorado Denver. The event will feature a short opening statement from Vice Chair Ravel and brief remarks from a panel of local experts, followed by a public comment period.

Click here to view CU Denver's official event page


Representatives of the following organizations plan to attend: 

  • League of Women Voters Denver
  • Common Cause Colorado 
  • Colorado Fiscal Institute
  • NAACP Denver Branch
  • Move to Amend Denver
  • Resource Generation Denver Chapter

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commented 2016-10-25 08:44:50 -0400 · Flag
“I respect the teacher for wanting to preserve the innocence of his students and prevent his classroom from being degraded.
But these are illusions.
The innocence of the students is a myth. They know about adultery, about groping, about foul-mouthed men (or boys). Even if they are obedient children who do not watch pornography on internet, the mainstream culture and everyday life contain these topics. And more.
As to degradation, no topic degrades. What can degrade is a coarse attitude to a topic.
I cannot think of anything worse than trying to ‘protect’ seventh-graders from the way things are. Nothing is more dangerous than keeping things quiet. Because these things are there, and if you feel that it is forbidden to talk about them, you become vulnerable whenever you do need to talk about them, perhaps because you or a friend or relative is in trouble.
A related topic is the anguish of parents. Of course they want their children to grow in a decent world! But how to make the world decent requires changes that people have been ignoring ever since the rot set in to American society with the neglect of the Vietnam veterans. And these parents and before them theirs, have not listened.
The critique of American society includes consumerism, foreign policy not based on war, absorbing the lessons of the sixties, and better income distribution.
Both candidates this year reflect the failure of America to come to grips with itself. No amount of ‘protection’ can hide this, nor should it.”
rsvped +10 2014-10-07 14:10:56 -0400

Please RSVP to save your spot at the Oct 9th forum:

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