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Represent.Us Action Hub

Connect with a RepresentUs Organizer

Connect with a RepresentUs Organizer!

Learn how you can make an impact

This half-hour online call is a chance to join other RepresentUs volunteers and chat with an organizer! Learn all the ways you can get involved with RepresentUs and organizing solutions to help increase your impact locally and nationally.

This call is for anyone who:

  • Wants to get involved but isn't sure where to start
  • Needs to brainstorm ideas to help boost their local organizing efforts
  • Is ready to tackle their next big project but doesn’t have all the tools they need

Whether you’re already part of the movement or you're just getting started, this call is a great opportunity to move forward in the fight to end corruption!

Pick a date that works for you and RSVP here to have the details sent directly to your inbox!

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