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Volunteering, Organizing + Project 435

Volunteering, Organizing + Project 435



Represent.Us is a national, non-partisan movement to fix America's government so it works for the people again. We do it by supporting a simple new anti-corruption law that:

  • Prevents members of Congress from raising money from any industry they regulate
  • Puts tough limits on unregulated Super PACs
  • Dramatically reduces how much money lobbyists can give to candidates, political parties and political committees.

It's called the American Anti-Corruption Act. Here's how we make it a reality:

We're not going to ask Congress to make these changes, we're going to force them. We're going to build a massive movement denouncing their corruption and demanding that they represent us. (Um, isn't that their job?)

That means we've got to know who is with us, and who's not. That's where Project 435 comes in.

// PROJECT 435

Project 435 is the backbone of our grassroots organizing strategy. Our ultimate goal. Get every member of the House of Representatives to answer one question: "Are you corrupt, or anti-corrupt? Do you support the provisions of the American Anti-Corruption Act, or not?"

We're not asking too much here. These are simple fixes to huge problems. Americans everywhere are ready for a government that once again represents the people — and The Anti-Corruption Act can help us get there.

Project 435 will only work if we build a truly organized force, on the ground, in every Congressional District in America. If you'd like to join the fight to make Congress represent the people, sign up here.


Our organizing is structured district-by-district. We are seeking capable leaders in every district in America. Sign up here if you might be that kind of leader. We also know that the greatest movements in America have only succeeded because of the creativity and drive of self-motivated individuals. If you'd like to organize in your own way, go for it! We'll give you all the help we can. Do us a quick favor though and register here so we can keep in touch and keep track of who's where, doing what.


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