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How do I start my local Represent.Us chapter?

Local, volunteer-led chapters are the heartbeat of our movement. From coast to coast, dedicated individuals like you are organizing in support of meaningful anti-corruption reform. If you have not yet signed up saying you wish to volunteer, take a minute and let us know who you are!

Ready to get involved in the fight against corruption and start a local Represent.Us chapter?  Below are the steps to take in order to launch a Represent.Us chapter and pass an Anti-Corruption Resolution in your community.

1. Attend one of our monthly Intro Calls

This will get you well acquainted with the Represent.Us mission and help you to build the skills necessary to start a chapter!


Click here to RSVP!


2. Recruit 3-5 People

After the Intro Call, you’ll want to recruit a team of 3-5 people, to run a successful anti-corruption campaign.

We recommend reviewing our list of recommended leadership roles and reaching out to people who you like would be the best fit for each role. The most important roles you’ll want to fill first are chapter leader, logistics coordinator, membership coordinator and press coordinator.

Remember to recruit some folks who have different political beliefs than you. We’re a non-partisan campaign because corruption can only be defeated if we work together.


Click here to access all of our resources for recruitment. 

3. Meet, Greet and Petition

Meet, Greet and Petition!  Go to a coffee shop with your 3-5 new recruits. The purpose is to get to know each other, and then hit the streets with clipboards to do some petitioning and engage your community.  Use our sample meet and greet agenda.


Check out our resources to help you plan and execute your first meet, greet and petitioning day.


4. Host your Resolution Kick-off Meeting

After you complete a petitioning event with your founding chapter members, the next step is to hold your public resolution kick-off meeting.  Make sure you tell Represent.Us HQ at least 2 weeks in advance so that we can provide you with a press release template and a list of local supporters who you can invite to the meeting.

You can contact us at or give us a call at 413-585-8100 x29 to request your chapter starter kit to prepare you for your Resolution Kick-Off Meeting.  We have a lot of resources to help you!

5. Attend our monthly Skills Trainings

You won’t want to miss our monthly training calls because they’ll give you and your team the guidance you need to pass a local Anti-Corruption Resolution campaign.


Click here to RSVP for our next Skills Training! 

6. Grow your chapter with regular meetings and events

You’ll want to schedule regular monthly or bi-weekly chapter meetings. Contact us to receive our suggested chapter meeting agenda.

You’ll also want to draft a plan of events for the upcoming months. Take a look at our action handbook for suggestions. We recommend you start small and work up to more ambitious events. Here are a few ideas you may want to consider.



• Host movie nights (Need recommendations? We'd be happy to send you a list of documentaries we love)

• Give our volunteer presentation at a local group’s meeting

• Hold an Anti-Corruption rally (our national day of action is on April 15th)

• Staff an info table at a local event (We can send you some recruitment materials in the mail)


7. Pass your first Anti-Corruption Resolution

With teamwork, a commitment to being non-partisan and lots of persistence, we have no doubt you’ll pass an Anti-Corruption Resolution in your community. In doing so, you’ll join volunteers across the country who are helping us drive Anti-Corruption reform in America.  With every resolution we pass, we get one step closer to the national reform that we so desperately need.  We’ll provide you with the resources and trainings you need to make sure the resolution is a success.



Contact us for template resolutions!


8. Expand your reach

After you pass your first Anti-Corruption Resolution you’ll want to celebrate and then identify your next target community. By passing successive resolutions you will build your chapter’s political power at the local and state level.


The Campaign Team at Represent.Us is here to help you every step of the way. Please email any questions, updates, or inquiries to or give us a call at 413-585-8100 x 29.

Ready to get started?

Click here to see if there’s a chapter near you, or to start your own chapter.

What is Represent.Us? is a national, non-partisan campaign working to fix America’s corrupt political system. Our campaign began in 2012 and since then we've developed over 40 chapters across the country and passed meaningful political reform from the east coast to the west coast, and everywhere in between. We combine true grassroots organizing, creative viral multimedia and legislative success at the local and state level to pressure Washington to make the government represent the people.

What do Represent.Us chapters do?

Represent.Us chapters work to build up political power and momentum for the anti-corruption movement by passing local resolutions through their town, city and county councils.  Resolutions are the cornerstone of our grassroots movement; you can pass a resolution in any town across the county, and they pave the way for state-wide reform. Resolutions help our chapters build public awareness and support, develop leadership skills, and support relationships with local elected officials.  Don't worry, we have step-by-step resources to help you pass your local resolution! 

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